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Located at the base of the rump, right above where the tail begins, the Root Chakra influences grounding, stability, self acceptance, self preservation, and physical strength.


The Root Chakra is the horse's survival and grounding energy point so when approaching this area for re-balancing make sure to caress it's hindquarters gently and reassuringly. The utmost care must be taken when engaging in this Chakra since it is in one of the more sensitive energy vertices located at the base of the rump right above where the tail begins, inside the rectum.


The Masterson Method (MM) is the most effective Root Energy harnessing technique for beginner equestrian healers. When working the Root, the horse will often pass gas, or relax one of his hind legs. A light pat on one of the buttocks will calm the horse while you gently move your hand closer to it’s anus for eventual insertion. When inserting your finger into its anus it is important you sing the traditional Bija Mantras: “lam vam ram yam ham om.” Bija means “seed”, so make sure you have a Root Chakra healing stone such as Hematite, Garnet, Red Jasper or Unakite ready to plant as a seed deep into its rectum for prolonged healing. Once you have reached your energy nexus and energy has begun to flow freely between you and the horse make sure you repeatedly shout the Bija Mantra loudly “LAM VAM RAM YAM HAM OM!” This will put the horse further at ease and allow you deeper penetration into its energy point.

- Shaman Grahaman - Astral Advisor

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