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solar plexus

Located at the center of the horse’s back, about a hand length behind the Heart Chakra, the Solar Plexus Chakra is the nexus for Freedom of Spirit, self-esteem and willpower. 


The Solar Plexus is the place for releases to be gained, self-esteem reclaimed, willpower maintained and rhythm attained. This Chakra holds the strongest concentration of sense of self. If the self is not balanced then the whole body, digestive system, and liver will be out of line too. If out of alignment, the horse apples (manure) will come out as solid cubes approximately 6 inches across. As you may guess, this is very painful for the horse indeed!


When it is desired to balance the horse’s Solar Plexus Chakra, you must first find a place where you can stand at least 10 ft above the horse. Haylofts tend to be ideal locations. Once you have found your Center, you must then leap onto your horse’s back. Make sure before leaping that you are aligned and centered between the horse’s hindquarters and shoulders so that when you land the full weight of your body impacts in a focused point right in the middle of their spine. For best results make sure you lead with your Root so that both of your Chakras may join in unison when you land. This will allow for full connection and maximal release of your energy into the horse. Don’t be alarmed if both you and the horse become so relaxed upon impact that you both excrete manure.

- Phoenix Grabassky - Licensed Spirit Tamer

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