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Located above the eyes and below the ears on the forehead, the Brow chakra is the home for rational thinking, processing, wisdom and intuition. also known as the third eye.


There comes a time in a foal’s life when they have to decide whether they will follow the path of the common horse or ascend into a higher mental plane. The grass is always greener and more eternal in the elevated dimension of the Third Eye. This your horse will understand once it has awakened the Brow Chakra.


The Brow (also known as the Third Eye) is located below the ears, on the forehead. This is the home for rational thinking and processing, wisdom and intuition. The Brow gives a horse the power of self actualization and thus the ability to taste the sweet grasses of a higher level of existence. As a handler, you can induce this type of Rapid Brow Development (RBD) by affirming phrases or by calling its name as you would call a lover. RBD is optimal in a highly nurturing environment and touching your horse is key to optimal Brow development. The Third Eye is very visual and causes the horse to be very sensitive to the energies around it. Thus, It is important to start every morning with 3 “Om”s while touching your forehead to theirs while fully nude.


Even food can affect RBD so it is wise keep the horse’s diet to a strict selection of organically grown fair trade grass of the highest quality. Do not buy your grass from lower end markets like Home Depot or Discount Horse Supply. Instead, scan your neighborhood for locally sourced high end artisanal grasses. The horse will thank you!

- Pea Wea - Depth Perceiver

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