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Located between the ears, the Crown chakra deals with spiritual or higher self, creativity and artistic vision. Peace and calmness. A location for headaches and other bodily pain.


A horse with a misaligned Crown Chakra will typically complain constantly of a headache via foot stomps and whinnies. This headache can be a manifestation of another body parts’ ailment, or even a physical manifestation of a horse struggling with its spiritual identity. The horse may also show symptoms such as depression and anxiety over not being able to express an artistic vision. Therefore, it is crucial to restore balance to the energy field and expel negative energy from the Crown.


In rare, severe cases, a horse must be adorned with a literal crown. To be most effective, the crown should be pure gold and bejeweled with healing stones such as Clear Quartz, Azestulite, Tanzanite, and of course, Diamonds (a horse's best friend). Your role is crucial in creating an ambiance befitting a king/queen of horses during the coronation when the bejeweled crown is adorned on the horse’s actual crown to heal the metaphysical Crown. Your actions will mimic that of a servant until all symptoms of the misaligned Chakra subside. Several ancient horse healers speculate that this ritual works because the horse is searching for its "higher self" in the spiritual life by rising in ranks in this mortal life. Furthermore, role playing is a fun, creative outlet for you and a horse to explore together on your journey of healing.

- Holly Hinkleberry, Heroine Healer

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