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Bud and Sensory Horse Chakras

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

The Bud Chakras are found one on each hoof and one on the skin at the base opening of each ear. They are especially receptive to subtle energy vibrations; for example changes in the weather like a thunderstorm, or even impending, major earth events like an earthquake or hurricane.

Access the subtlest of equine energies by pampering the Bud Chakras. It is well documented that the Bud Chakras are especially receptive to subtle energy vibrations such as changes in the weather. Due to their sensitivity, horses can suffer physical, mental, and emotional trauma when in the presence of storms, fireworks or dance parties with particularly high levels of bass, such as dubstep or trap music. It has been shown that horses who have survived severe weather events will likely need healing Chakra work focused on their Buds to repair the resulting energetic imbalance. One of the best ways to access the Buds is direct bud-to-bud therapy, which involves utilizing the healing powers of marijuana by blowing inhaled smoke directly into the horse’s ears, on the underside of the hoofs, and via mouth to mouth.

Due to the deeply powerful nature of Bud Chakra work, it is important to ask the horse for an invitation to bestow your healing energies on them. If you stare deeply into your horse's eyes, they will provide positive confirmation they are ready to accept your healing energies if they tap their hoof 3 times in succession. Any more or less than 3 times indicates that you may not proceed. It could mean your horse has determined you are not ready to heal them or, more likely, your horse is irritated with you for a perceived slight and may be acting out. Bucking, clucking, and even sucking are examples of behavioral problems that often stem from misunderstood horses. Keep in mind that some personalities just don’t click. If you are an introvert and your horse is extroverted, you may have a hard time getting along with him or her. The only remedy for this is Reiki. Consult an expert or liberate yourself of your horse.

Healing of Bud Chakras in Practice

A testament to the power of Bud Chakra alignment occurred in late 2008 when tending to a gorgeous Mezőhegyesi felver named Bíborka. At 17 feet tall, this majestic specimen was a beautiful horse of noble bearing, animated action, and exceptional intelligence. Yet when our Spirit Tamers were called out to its farm in Hungary, he was rife with behavioral issues such as dangerous bucking, excessive eating, masturbation, and using nasty tricks to get his way. It was clear to us he was not grounded, especially when the handlers informed us they had seen him hover 3-4 inches off the ground. For weeks, our Spirit Tamers worked with Bíborka, touching him and rubbing him almost to the point of complete release, but nothing could get Bíborka to come back to his handlers, emotionally.

One day a thunderstorm was brewing, yet the horse did not stir due to his extreme block of bud energy. The Spirit Tamers pressed on, tirelessly working Bíborka all day and into the night. Around midnight, the rain began to heavily pour on the barn roof. At that moment, a strengthening and lengthening occurred in Bíborka and the Spirit Tamers felt their connection grow inexplicably deeper. It was no longer the goal to ground the horse, but to catapult him into the Astral plain. The horse was ready to be healed via bud-to-bud therapy.

All fifteen Spirit Tamers began to smoke marijuana out of different smoking devices. Joints, pipes, bongs, vaporizers, blunts, and bubblers were all used simultaneously since it has been shown this is the most successful way of producing positive energies. The Spirit Tamers put forth their greatest effort thus far and, after 2 hours, a dense cloud of potent energy had filled the barn. Bíborka was higher than he had ever been, spiritually. Bíborka was ascending steadily towards the barn roof and the moment he crashed through it he looked down at his human lovers and released ropes upon ropes of raw equine energy, showering the Spirit Tamers with the warmth and love of true spiritual freedom, mixed with sultry rain and barn debris. He was never seen again on the Physical Plane.

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