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Throat - the 5th Horse Chakra

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Located where the neck meets the underside of the jaw. The ability to communicate and to share resides here. Where the truth from their heart, and the ideas in their mind, express themselves.

Do not underestimate the power of the Throat Chakra. It is imperative to your horse’s ability to communicate with you, its horse companions, and the environment in which it habituates. An imbalance in this Chakra can lead to antisocial behavior as well as depression and digestive imbalances. It’s not difficult to identify an imbalance in your horse’s Throat. You may find that your horse turns away or “talks over you”, neighing loudly or snorting, when you give him or her an order. Your horse may also gnash their teeth, rub their gums on you when you are turned away, or lick at you inappropriately.

There are multiple methods that you can employ to balance Throat Energy. Nothing is more powerful than communicating with your horse in its own language, so start by letting out a few neighs of your own. Widen your stance and bend your knees. Bring air into your Root (anus) and Throat, filling your whole body. When you are satisfied that your body cavities are at capacity, pull the corners of your mouth towards your ears into a wide smile and let go, neighing until the last drop of air passes from your being via your Root and your Throat. Repeat this process until your horse joins you to create a beautiful harmony. If done correctly, it is not uncommon for both you and your horse to pass waste from either your oral or anal orifices during this conjunction of energies.

Another common technique is to connect with your horse’s mouth. Begin by gently pressing your lips against your horse’s lips. This will relax the horse and allow you to place your hands on either side of their muzzle. Once there, slide your fingers into your horse’s mouth and rub their gums in a circular motion with your finger pads, all the while maintaining contact between yours and your horse’s lips. At this point your horse’s lower jaw should drop open, allowing you access to the inside of their mouth. Now you can access their tongue, the roof of their mouth, and most importantly their throat.

Tongue massage is immensely beneficial when it comes to re-balancing the Throat and can be done in a number of ways. You may use a variety of implements including hairbrushes, rolling pins, two tennis balls in a sock, forks, meat tenderizers, and your own extremities. For enhanced energy circulation, try using blue quartz, blue lace agate, or blue topaz stones to massage your horse’s tongue by stroking in an outward motion. In extreme cases of imbalance, you may need to create an extra special connection between you and your horse by using your tongue to massage the horse’s tongue, thus connecting your Throat to theirs.

If the above methods fail, you may connect directly with your horse’s voice box. This can be done in one of two ways. First, try placing your mouth over your horse’s throat and humming. The warmth from your mouth and the vibration of energy from your own Throat will coax the horse’s voice out of spiritual hiding. If this method fails, firmly grasp your horse’s chin groove with one hand and begin talking as if you were the horse while moving their mouth open and closed. This will help inspire their own voice once their Throat is balanced. Some good phrases include: “Heya bud, wanna ride?”, “Man, is it fun to be a horse!” and “How ‘bout them apples?”

A more advanced technique involves achieving connection by allowing your horse access to your Root via their mouth. When connecting your Root with your horse’s Throat, make sure you are standing on a sturdy, level surface that brings your bottom up to the horse’s muzzle. It is best to be entirely nude, as your horse will feel a stronger sense of connection since they are not wearing clothes either. Adopt a wide stance and bend over, spreading your cheeks so that your horse can clearly see your Root. Try placing a carrot in your Root to stimulate the initial connection between you and your horse. It can take anywhere between 5 minutes and 3 hours before the energy begins to flow cyclically between you and your horse. Once you begin to feel the tingling and warmth of the energy flow, remain in that position until the flow slows and returns to a feeling of stasis.

It is important that the horse stays present and in the moment during all of the above exercises. Do not provide your horse with ketamine, as a sedated horse will not reap the full benefits of the movement of energy within its Throat. That being said, Chakra alignment is incredibly exhausting and ketamine is advised for both you and your horse upon completion of the practice.

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